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Use of cad-cam in dentistry

cad-cam dentistry goregaon east

CAD/CAM in Dentistry

What is CAD-CAM in Dentistry

CAD/CAM stands for Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing. It is a technology that is used in dentistry to design and create dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and inlays/Onlays. This technology uses digital images of the patient’s teeth or the patient’s dental impression and computer software to design and create the restoration, which is then milled in a milling machine or 3D printed.

digital dental scan of teeth used in goregaon east
digital scan of teeth

Types of CAD/CAM in Dentistry

There are two main types of CAD-CAM in dentistry: CHAIRSIDE and LABORATORY SYSTEMS.

Chairside systems- are used in the dental office and involve taking digital images of the patient’s teeth and designing the restoration on a computer in the office. The restoration is then milled or 3D printed in the office and placed in the patient’s mouth the same day.

Laboratory systems- involve taking digital images of the patient’s teeth or dental impression and sending them to a dental lab, where the restoration is designed and created using computer software and milling or 3D printing technology.

cad cam milling machine used in dentistry
milling machine

Advantages of CAD/CAM in Dental Clinics

here are several advantages of using CAD-CAM technology in dental clinics,

Accuracy and precision in the design and creation of dental restorations

Less invasive and more comfortable for patients

Shorter treatment time, with many restorations able to be placed in a single visit

Natural-looking and long-lasting restorations

About Dr. Rajkumar Singh

Dr. Raj Kumar is a dentist based in Goregaon East, Mumbai managing his practice in Baghel’s dental world. If you are in need of dental restoration, contact Dr. Raj Kumar to learn more about how CAD/CAM technology can benefit your treatment.

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