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What is compomer tooth filling material?

colored dental fillings goregaon east

Compomers are a newer type of dental filling material that combine the benefits of both composite resin and glass ionomer fillings.

They are made of a mixture of polyacid-modified resin and inorganic glass ionomer powder.

The polyacid-modified resin provides the compomer with strength and durability while the inorganic glass powder gives the compomer fluoride-releasing properties.

One of the main benefits of compomers is that they are able to release fluoride ions, which can help to prevent tooth decay,hence it is very beneficial in children for tooth cavity filling.

Fluoride ions can penetrate the tooth structure and strengthen the enamel, making it more resistant to acid attacks. This makes compomers a good option for filling teeth in children and for use in areas of the mouth with moderate to heavy stress.

colored tooth filling compomer
different colors of compomer filling

Another advantage of compomers dental filling material is that they can be used in a similar way to composite resin dental fillings and are available in different sparkling multi colors to create interest in children to go for dental fillings.

sparkling tooth filling material for children in Mumbai
glitter effect of compomer by voco

They are able to be shaped and polished to match the natural color of the tooth, making them a more esthetic option for filling teeth in visible areas of the mouth.

Compomers are also relatively easy to place, and the materials can be manipulated in a similar way to composite resin. They can also be used to repair small fractures and to build up worn-down teeth.

color shade for tooth filling in mumbai
color palate of compomer filling material

Overall, compomers are considered a good alternative to traditional composite resin and glass ionomer fillings. They offer a balance of strength, esthetics, and fluoride release, making them a versatile option for restorative dentistry.

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