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“The Importance of a Properly Fitted Sports Mouth Guard: A Guide by Dr. Rajkumar, Dentist in Goregaon East Mumbai”

Dr. Raj Kumar Singh
teeth guard goregaon east made by dentist


prefabricated mouth guard
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As a dentist practicing in Goregaon East, Mumbai at Baghels Dental World, I see many patients who participate in sports but do not protect their teeth with a proper sports mouth guard. Wearing a sports mouth guard during physical activity can help prevent dental injuries, including chipped or broken teeth, cuts to the lips and gums, and even concussions. In this article, I will discuss the process of creating a properly fitted sports mouthguard and the advantages it provides for athletes.

What is a Sports Mouth Guard?

A sports mouthguard is a protective device worn over the teeth and gums during physical activity. It is designed to absorb the impact of blows to the face and mouth, helping to prevent dental injuries.

How is a Sports Mouth Guard Made?

There are three types of sports mouthguards: stock, boil-and-bite, and custom-fitted. Stock mouthguards are pre-formed and can be purchased at sporting goods stores, while boil-and-bite mouthguards can be heated and molded to fit the mouth. Custom-fitted mouthguards are created by taking an impression of the athlete’s teeth and gums and having a dental professional create a mouthguard specifically for their unique mouth structure.

customised mouth guard
customized mouth guard
Advantages of a Properly Fitted Sports Mouth Guard:
  1. Improved Athletic Performance: A properly fitted sports mouth guard allows athletes to breathe and speak more easily, helping to improve their performance.

2. Better Protection: Custom-fitted mouthguards provide the best protection against dental injuries as they are made to fit the individual athlete’s mouth structure.

3. Increased Comfort: Custom-fitted mouthguards are designed to fit comfortably, reducing the risk of mouth injuries caused by the mouthguard itself.

4. Cost-Effective: Investing in a custom-fitted sports mouth guard can save athletes money in the long run as it provides better protection and reduces the need for costly dental repairs.


As a dentist, I highly recommend that athletes protect their teeth and gums with a properly fitted sports mouthguard. Not only does it improve athletic performance, but it also provides better protection against dental injuries.

Mouth guard boxing made in dental clinic goregaon east mumbai
customized Mouth Guard used in sports

If you are in the Mumbai area, come visit me at Baghels Dental World in Goregaon East to get fitted for a custom-fitted sports mouthguard. Together, we can help protect your smile while you play the sports you love.


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