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What are treatments for bleeding gums and teeth?

Dr. Raj Kumar Singh
dental scaler used for treatment of bleeding gums

Bleeding gums, also known as gingivitis, is a common condition that occurs when the gums become inflamed and start to bleed during brushing or flossing. This is often caused by a buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth, which can lead to infection and inflammation of the gums.

There are several types of treatment for bleeding gums that can be performed in a dental clinic. The first step in treating bleeding gums is to schedule a dental cleaning, during which the dentist or dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. This will help to reduce inflammation and bleeding in the gums.

dental scaling and root planing
teeth scaling done using an ultrasonic scaler

Another common treatment for bleeding gums is the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics can help to kill the bacteria that are causing the infection and inflammation in the gums. This can be done in the form of mouthwash, gel, or tablets.

For more severe cases of bleeding gums, the dentist may recommend periodontal therapy. This may include scaling and root planing, which involves removing plaque and tartar from the teeth and smoothing the surfaces of the roots to help the gums reattach to the teeth.

In some cases, the dentist may recommend a gum graft. This is a procedure in which a small piece of tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth and grafted onto the affected area of the gums. This can help to repair damage and reduce bleeding.

Lastly, It is important for patients to maintain a good oral hygiene routine including regular brushing and flossing, and visiting their dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings. This will help to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, and reduce the risk of bleeding gums and other oral health problems.

teeth scaling and root planing in goregaon east
root planing and scaling

In conclusion, bleeding gums can be treated with various methods in a dental clinic such as cleaning, antibiotics, periodontal therapy, and gum grafts. Healthy oral hygiene and regular check-ups can also prevent bleeding gums. It is important to visit a dentist if you experience bleeding gums, as it may be a sign of a more serious condition that requires professional treatment.

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