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Why i have bleeding gums and teeth?

Dr. Raj Kumar Singh
bleeding gums leading to pain
plaque leading to gingivitis
plaque builds up around the tooth due to improper brushing

It is due to GIngivitis is a painful medical condition in which the gums, especially around the teeth, become swollen and bleed easily.

What are the Types of GIngivitis

There are several types of gingivitis, which are classified based on the underlying cause of the inflammation. Some common types of gingivitis include:

Plaque-induced gingivitis: This is the most common type of gingivitis and is caused by a buildup of plaque on the teeth. It is characterized by red, swollen, and bleeding gums.

Hormonal gingivitis: This type of gingivitis is caused by changes in hormonal levels, such as during pregnancy or puberty. It is characterized by swollen and bleeding gums.

gingivitis bleeding gums treatment in mumbai
bleeding and swollen gums

Nicotine-induced gingivitis: This type of gingivitis is caused by the use of tobacco products. It is characterized by a darkening of the gums and a decrease in blood flow to the gums.

Medication-induced gingivitis: Certain medications, such as anti-seizure drugs and blood pressure medications, can cause gingivitis as a side effect.

Dental appliance-induced gingivitis: This type of gingivitis can be caused by ill-fitting dental appliances, such as braces or dentures, that trap plaque, and bacteria against the gums.

Nutritional deficiencies gingivitis: Nutritional deficiencies such as vitamins C and K can cause bleeding and inflammation in the gums.

Sine Viral and fungal infection-induced gingivitis for example thrush.

the impacted tooth also leads to gingivitis.

allergic to metals like nickel bismuth also may lead to gingivitis.

It’s important to note that gingivitis can also be a symptom of systemic diseases such as diabetes, HIV, or Leukemia.

chart on causes of bleeding gums by dentist in india
Prevent bleeding gums following the above illustrations.

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